About Gail
About My Work
There are lots of great photographers out there, but when choosing one to work with, it is important to pick one whose style and personality meshes well with your own. I love taking pictures and capturing memories - something all photographers like to do. Where I differ from many others is in the calm, relaxed energy I bring to my shoots. I prefer to take my time with my subjects, getting to know them, and seeing what works best with them. I like to conduct my sessions as collaborations between myself and my subjects - no artistic dictatorships here! As for my post processing, I generally keep this to a minimum, preferring to showcase my subjects as naturally as possible. However, as a graphic designer as well, I am not limited to any one particular style and am happy to work together with my clients to create whatever look and feel they might be after.

About Me
I am an electrical engineer by education and spent 10 years working as a software developer for a major electronics company before retiring to become a "Domestic Engineer" for my husband and two children. Photography is a way to let loose the right side of my brain while still making use of the left-brained OCD side of my personality.
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